CO Country Swing Dancers LLC

Dancing with the Northern Colorado community along I-25. (Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Denver, Aurora, Centennial). 

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About Us


Business Owner

My name is Madison and I created CCSD towards the end of 2018. I’ve been line dancing for 8 years and swing dancing for 7. I was in a pretty tough spot in my life at the time that I found dancing, and it became my outlet. The place where I could be free, and release whatever stress and pressure I was feeling from my life. I began to meet more people who shared the same passion as I did, and the learning process really began. It involved a lot of YouTube videos, a lot of trial and error, and lots of practice. We were going dancing 3-4 times a week and trying as many new things as we could. As my passion for dance overtook the alcohol scene, the dancing group I was with changed a couple times over the course of the years. I changed dance partners a few times, and began learning new moves, as well as teaching the moves I already knew. I was quite hard on myself when I couldn’t get something right or I messed up, and I continued to push myself harder. I started to learn how to lead in the summer of 2017. My friends were very sweet and willing to be my test dummy as I trialed being able to lift and dip girls... This was also the time where weightlifting became a huge part of my life. As I got stronger, I felt more confident and more secure with dipping my friends and as time went on, my knowledge and ability continued to grow. I started to really dive into creating my own moves, my own combos, and also how to be a better follower, and leader. The footwork, the grip, the arms, the steps, heels or toes, pause or no pause, it all had a rhythm and rhyme I had to figure out. Every dance partner I’ve had has taught me something and I will always be thankful for that (and yes, even if it wasn’t a pleasant experience). I’ve been dropped on my head, I’ve been hit in the head, I’ve had bruised ribs, a hurt wrist, floor burns, hurt elbows, you name it. It wasn’t always fun, sometimes it was frustrating, but it ALL shaped me into the dancer I am today. I’ve learned to have more patience, I’ve learned to take a deep breathe if something is difficult and frustrating, and I’ve learned that the country swing dancing community can really be a family. I’ve met so many different people from different places in life, and I’ve loved every second. It’s opened my eyes to this world, and it’s even given me another door to my own heart and soul.

I want to share all of this, I want to help others find something that they can do with their friends or significant others! Anyone can do this, you just have to be patient, and like I’ve said before, let yourself be a beginner! It’s okay to mess up! I still do! Just get out there and try it! You never know who you will meet, what you will learn about yourself and your life, or what you can accomplish. Dancing is amazing, and if you let it... it can change your life! I can’t wait to work with and teach more people out there who are just itching to learn.

So if you would, support the little business that is CCSD, owned and operated by a single mom and Navy Veteran. Please help us grow to help more people fall in love with dance!

I came to Madison and Jess' class because I wanted to learn how to do all of the cool moves I saw when I went dancing but I wanted a safer and more supervised environment in which to learn. I also wanted to learn how to lead and Madison not only encouraged me to do so, she has challenged me to be a better dancer. I love that when I want to, I get a chance to work through more complicated moves with a spotter. If you're looking to level up your dancing, this is a wonderful low-pressure environment in which to do it! Everyone is very welcoming and really encouraging to beginners. 

Jules Rose

I found Madison through Facebook and I was hurt pretty bad in a hit and run motorcycle accident a couple years prior and couldn't really dance anymore, well at least not comfortably. I wanted to be able to dance with my future bride to be on our wedding day, so I scheduled some lessons with Madison. We signed up for 8 classes and by the time we finished our sessions I could spin my wife around the dance floor, I could dip her, I can flip her, and we look pretty good doing it. She showed us how we can do it safely and without me getting hurt. I absolutely recommend taking her classes, you won't regret it I promise

Travis Schuerger

Madison is an amazing teacher and coach! I highly recommend CO Country Swing Dancers. They really know how to cater to all different dance levels and they make learning fun!

Morgan Tyree